Quality HVAC Equipment At The Thrift Shop

I love buying a lot of old junk.

Call me crazy, or call me nostalgic, but to me, the older and more obscure it is, the more I want it in my house! This is why I visit thrift shops quite a bit.

You just never know what you’re going to find in those places. I found so many deals on things that would have cost a fortune elsewhere, it’s really out of this world! This one thrift shop I go to in the north part of town I like to go to in the Summer. The reason why? Because not only does this store have the best prices and the best finds, but they also have quality HVAC equipment that really makes their air conditioning work great! I usually try to avoid my thrift shop ventures in the Summer, because it gets quite hot, and most of the thrift shops have the worst air conditioning in them. But this one place differs from the rest of them. The other day, I decided to go over there. It has been pretty hot. So, when I walked in, as per usual, I was greeted with the cool and refreshing blast of their top quality air conditioning. I couldn’t help but ask one of the workers what they do for their central heating and air conditioning system, because it is so great! They told me that they have several ductless mini split air conditioning systems throughout the entire store, and that was their secret to quality air conditioning! I have to say, I was very shocked at their cooling solutions!


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