Radiant flooring on my cold toes

Ever since I was a kid, I have not liked winter.  It seems that even as a child, I didn’t have good circulation to my hands or feet.  It wasn’t unusual for me to have cold hands and feet in the summer. I never set my thermostat to anything lower than seventy-five when I had the air conditioner running.  During the winter, I had my thermostat set at seventy-five, to make sure I had enough heat. Seventy-five, just seemed to be the most comfortable temperature for me. A couple of years ago, I went over to visit some friends of mine.  They had radiant heating installed in their home, and they wanted me to check it out. I could believe how good it felt when I walked into their home. They only had their thermostat set at seventy and yet I felt warm. They told me to take my shoes off, and my feet felt like I was walking in hot water, it was so nice.  They gave me the phone to the HVAC company that installed the radiant heating and I called the company as soon as I got home. They started telling me about the benefits of radiant heating and asked if I would like to set up a home meeting. I told them I wanted to set up an appointment, but to have the radiant heating installed, not to discuss the benefits.  I wanted the bedroom, living room and the bathroom all equipped with radiant heating. Since I had wall to wall carpeting, I opted for the heating mats that go beneath the carpeting. I had to have new flooring in the bathroom, so they put the radiant heated beneath the tiles. The radiant heating has changed my life.

radiant heat