Radiant floors are worth the mess and expense

For the longest time, I debated whether or not I should make the upgrade to radiant heated flooring.

Looking into the retrofit of radiant floors, I was concerned about the mess and the price.

I had so much to consider when replacing the heating system and upgrading to heated flooring. I live in an area with very long and chilly winters. The convenience of having radiant floors is unmatched. I have spent a lot of time exploring different types of heating systems. I talked to an HVAC contractor about adding hydronic heated flooring into an existing home. My Heating system is a boiler that was connected to old radiators. The radiators were struggling to keep up with demands. When pricing out the installation of radiant flooring, I was a little concerned. The main issue is the need to tear up the floors entirely. It’s such a lengthy and messy process. With this type of heating, however, there’s exceptional energy efficiency. I knew I’d spend much less on heating throughout the winter and save a ton of money. With radiant floor heating, there’s no need to worry about cold spots in the house or drafts. There’s no major stratification. With radiant floors, there is no visible equipment. There’s little upkeep and no influx of contaminants. The system doesn’t bring in outside air. It is a closed system. The radiant floors are incredibly clean and safe. If anyone has allergies or dust sensitivities, hydronic heating is recommended. I went ahead with radiant flooring installation, and I’m totally happy with it.


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