Radon is not a big deal anymore

Radon is a natural product caused by the decomposition of radioactive materials located in the soil.  There is radioactive material located everywhere, and it isn’t always dangerous. It can be detected in the granite of kitchen countertops.  There may be a residue in the bricks of your home. It isn’t always worrisome. You can’t completely avoid it. Radon is all around, and yet seldom a concern.  The essential thing is to determine the amount of radon. High concentrations in the house are a real concern. But you can take steps to remove and create a safe and healthy home.  Air quality is super critical. The steps to achieve low concentrations of radon are fairly straightforward. That doesn’t mean that you add a cooling system or a media air purifier to resolve the problem.  You need to hire a contractor who specializes in radon mitigation services. Have a professional handle the testing & then implement a Radon Mitigation System if necessary. It sounds a bit overwhelming, but after some research the problem is easy to manage.  The more you learn about radon, the more you’ll understand how easy it is to mitigate the issue, and the less frightening it becomes. I recently completed testing and found that I had a concentration of radon in our home. My family had lived in the house for twenty years, and wasn’t aware of the higher than safe levels.  I don’t have lung cancer & neither does any of my family members. Nobody has any lung problems, flu symptoms, asthma, allergies or bronchitis. Nobody is coughing or complaining of headaches. However, when I found out about radon, I was super worried. I looked it up online and did some extensive research. The computer is so helpful.  I got all sorts of information on radon. I took the recommendations and hired an HVAC company to install a Radon Mitigation System. It consists of a fan & some pipes, but it does the job.