Rain wasn’t a funny trick – cold AC really stinks sometimes!

What is it about stormy skies and rainy days that puts some people off? I can’t get enough of it.

I love a dark and rainy day! It doesn’t matter what the season is either, or what I need to handle.

I legitimately enjoy when it’s dreary, dark, and gloomy outside, even if it makes everyone else sad! I know that the rain simply has me feeling at peace for a change. The sun gets so overloading at times, don’t you think? I happen to live in the Deep South too, so most days here are sunny to the point of being totally obnoxious. In fact, I rarely get a rainy day here. The air temperature doesn’t even drop much, even around the summer, so that can create a whole new set of uncomfortableness if you happen to get caught in the rain! That’s exactly what happened to me a little while back. I was planning on going out to dinner with some friends, but it was a fairly tepid and humid day! With that in mind, I decided to don a light sundress and drive to the restaurant. I got out of the car, and just like that, the sky opened with a massive downpour that could drown a small city! With only a few seconds of being in the rain, I found myself utterly drenched. With no time to head home, I went into the restaurant to see my friends. When I found out that the air conditioning system was still blasting ice-cold air conditioning, I was officially in my own personal hell. I just had to grin and bear it – but you can bet I looked around for the thermostat!

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