Rarely get to workout outdoors

I have thermal long pants and shirts that hold in body heat

Living in the northeast means that I deal with all sorts of weather extremes. The winter conditions often linger for eight months and bring temperatures down to negative twenty five. We experience dangerous wind chills and feet of snow accumulation. The spring is typically rainy and windy while the summer is hot and humid. The fall is totally unpredictable and often hits us with freezing rain, hail, snow and high winds. Because of the weather, the majority of my workouts are handled indoors. I’ve invested into a treadmill, elliptical, free weights, yoga mat, medicine ball and jump rope. However, I have limited space. Plus, the workouts get repetitive and boring. I would rather run outside than on the treadmill. I’d rather ride my bike than use the elliptical. Whenever the weather allows, I haul my equipment outside on the back deck. I am so much more motivated when I get to breathe fresh air. I get a much better workout. I appreciate feeling the sun on my skin and I push myself harder. I definitely burn more calories. I am less likely to watch the clock. Instead, I get into the workout and usually exercise longer than intended. I have invested into a variety of clothing that allows me to workout outside when the weather is a bit cool, wet or hot. I have shorts and tanks that are breathable and wick away sweat. I have thermal long pants and shirts that hold in body heat. When there is snow, ice or wet leaves on the ground, I worry about slipping and falling.

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