Ready for new HVAC chapter

It’s hard to believe that we have been in our home for nearly 25 years.

It just doesn’t seem possible that so much has taken place in what feels like such a short span of time.

But the fact that we are replacing the HVAC is a clear indication of yet another sign that life is moving on. This was the second house that my wife and I bought. We started with a small little 3 bedroom place when we first got married. I’ll never forget that place because it actually had a boiler in the basement. It was that old. We upgraded the HVAC equipment to more modern HVAC technology. It was a great little place. But we had to get rid of it when we chose to start our family. The fact that we upgraded the HVAC equipment had a lot to do with getting such a great price on that little place. When we bought this house, we nearly had to walk away from the closing. Our offer on the house was predicated on having the old heating and cooling system replaced. It was quite old and didn’t have much life, if any, left in it. The owner refused so we got up from the table. Within 15 minutes, the seller capitulated and we negotiated a much better price but we had to replace the HVAC equipment ourselves. It’s hard to believe that the HVAC unit we are replacing was once brand new. But, the HVAC company we use really helped us to choose our new generation of HVAC equipment and we are excited about that.

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