Ready to have my HVAC back

It’s really weird to be renting again.

That’s not something that I expected to happen at 53.

But that’s exactly what’s happening after my wife and I sold the family home just recently. It’s funny how things worked out. We were going to sell it a few years earlier since all the girls are either about to finish college or have started their lives. We even replaced the HVAC equipment thinking that we’d sell that big house and perhaps build something smaller for just the two of us. That was the plan but then the housing market just wasn’t that great so we waited. And along came the pandemic and two of my girls came home to live for just more than a year. They were all quite impressed with our new HVAC unit. It really is something. Since we wanted to add value and get buyer interest, we followed our realtor’s advice and went with the latest in residential HVAC. And man, it came with all the bells and whistles. There was a smart thermostat, zone controlled HVAC and a SEER rating on the heat pump that was off the charts efficient. Honestly, it almost made me not want to sell the house. And having all of us together, even with the circumstances, was sort of a special send off for our family home. Now, we’re in a rented condo with very meager HVAC equipment. I’ve had to call the rental office 3 times already to get the air conditioning to work better. Well, it’s at least motivation to decide just what we’re going to do with the next chapter of our lives.


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