Really happy with the fitness expert that I got

As a visual learner, this was a great thing

I’ve gone to all kinds of gyms, but I truthfully never was great at working out. I just didn’t know a whole lot about working out. I was never in the best shape ever, even when going to a gym. I feel like I have ultimately been in a rut. I have even had a lot of protein shakes and things like the keto diet. I thought I was making healthy choices. It turns out, I knew nothing about good nutrition. I finally decided to go with the help of a personal trainer. She provided me with fantastic nutritional counseling and I learned that I was basically making all the worst decisions when it came to eating habits. I ate sugar almost everyday. All my foods had fat, grease or butter in it. I really liked carbs and I cut out veggies all together. My trainer developed some customized workout plans for me and then I was able to work on my body. I was so sore all the time at first and the personal trainer made sure I was getting plenty of rest in between workouts. She made sure I was aware of the importance of not pushing myself more than what my body could handle. She knew all the usual workout techniques and would physically show me how to do each one. As a visual learner, this was a great thing. It was amazing how fast I was able to get into better shape and achieve higher energy levels. I felt like I was almost a kid again. The diet plan she set me on is amazing too.