Reasons for an AC burning aroma

If you are experiencing a burning aroma coming from your AC, your immediate concern is absolutely a fire.

But, this is not the case.

If you just turned on your heater, heat pump, or heating system for the first time after a long while. You might notice a burning aroma. This is because of weeks of inactivity, letting the plan collect dust. When you first turn it on, the dust is going to burn off. As it does so, it releases a mild burning aroma. This is nothing to worry about. The scent aroma is harmless and goes away on its own within moments. If you haven’t changed the AC plan air filter lately, then it might be blocked. When air filters can clog down with an excess of debris, it restricts airflow. That stains the components, appreciate the fans and motors, throughout the system. This can result in overheating and a burning aroma from components and parts, then check the air filter for clogging and replace it with a fresh a single, every Heating, Ventilation, and A/C plan has its capacitor to power up the motor. When a capacitor fails, the engine might overheat, resulting in that dreaded burning aroma. Capacitors can cut for several bizarre reasons, whether everyday wear and tear, power surges, or warm circuitry. In cases appreciate these, the capacitor is likely to need replacement. Your best bet here is to turn the whole plan off and let a professional handle it. A faulty motor might also be a source of a burning aroma. The motor bearings can wear down and create overheating. If you have never observed the burning aroma before, turn everything off and lubricate your bearings right away. That should prevent your motor from totally burning out so you can avoid having to replace it. Other causes of a burning aroma may be burning electrical components if you also are experiencing a rotten egg or sulfur aroma. In this case, make sure to turn off your plan and call a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professional right away to be safe.

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