Rehabilitation never sounded so fun

I toil in construction and I got really hurt on the job recently.

I was up on a roof laying the new shingles down on a roof and I got light headed.

I then wobbled and fell right off the roof. I ended up falling 2 stories and severely mangling our back. In order to get back to toil I had to be able to get up and move around comfortably again. I went to the doctor right away, took all sorts of pills and watched what I ate. The one thing that got me back to toil was doing a wellness and recovery program offered locally at a body wellness center. The personal trainer there worked with all people who sustained injuries. Some of the other people were in terrible car accidents. Some people were former athletes in a prior life that never let their injury heal. The people I was with and I all somehow were in the same boat. The personal trainer was so superbly kind to all of us. The people I was with and I regularly began our community group physical training class with stretching. The injured people I was with and I would sizzling up and do a light stretch of every single part of our body. Then we would get to toil on more difficult exercises after that. The personal trainer grouped us based on our injury. It was superb working with a partner and being able to compare our own notes on what worked and did not. The wellness and recovery program got me back on our feet in under 4 weeks. I mean, I still go to our training session once a week. I don’t ever want to slip back.



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