Relaxing in front of the fireplace with some amazing boiling cocoa

I tell you, 1 of the best things in life is holding a mug of boiling cocoa in your hands while good in front of the fireplace. Both of us had this home for about 3 years now and the two of us have enjoyed every moment of staying in this locale. Both of us had to do a lot of renovation toil in the beginning. Both of us even knocked down a wall to make our kitchen extra large. Both of us have a lot of family and friends going to see all the time and the two of us thought it would be superb to have plenty of furniture around the fireplace for people to relax while getting extra cozy. Whenever all the people come out, my wife makes her secret boiling cocoa recipe which has been passed down in her family for generations. Honestly, I didn’t care that much for boiling cocoa before she made me that 1 time and I fell in love with it… You might even say that I married her because she’s such a superb cook and has the best boiling cocoa in the world. But I care a superb deal about her and nothing could change that. Both of us both legitimately appreciated the fireplace in the beginning too, however that also needed a lot of work. By the time the two of us were finished with all the repairs and renovation toil though, the house was looking fantastic. Both of us then had a new ductless mini split installed and that works well with both heating and cooling functions, along with Heating plus Air Conditioning zone control. I also like being able to adjust the temperature control settings on the indoors units with our smartphones, it’s amazing.

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