Relaxing with everyone

Before my buddies as well as I decided to head off to many colleges after school, both of us all talked about who would get the best career. We all talked about weird types of job that both of us wanted to get into. My a single friend who was talking about being a doctor. I thought he was crazy, because he would have to go to school for such a long time. I personally didn’t want to be in school for that much longer, it was a test to my sanity just making it all the way through school, but don’t get myself and others wrong, I was no dummy. I entirely graduated with honors as well as I did actually well. So did a majority of my friends. We all agreed that both of us would meet up with each other at least once per year as well as go to our preferred old diner to catch up on things. We also made a bet as to who would get the best job. We would put cash on it every year, as well as whoever was making the most cash at that time would get the jackpot! Well after the first year, I was taking the cake because I decided to go to a trade school to be a certified Heating and A/C specialist, everybody was surprised that I already had a high paying job because I was talking about doing something completely weird right out of school. I changed my mind along the way as well as decided to attend the trade school though. So far, I was winning with who was making the most cash. I knew it was going to take my buddies a long time to catch up to me! I was thinking I would even start my own heating as well as cooling supplier eventually as well as then they would never catch up!

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