Remember the HVAC warranty

I entered a cold home when I came home from work weeks ago.

  • The winter hadn’t hit a full stride yet but the HVAC furnace was kicking on each day and at night.

It was clear that the furnace would not come on even though it had electricity to it. Whatever I did, I could not get the HVAC to come on. I removed the furnace panel to see what I thought was a burnt out switch. At this point, I should have stopped and placed a call to the professionals at our local HVAC company. But I didn’t. Instead, I decided to remove the HVAC part and replace it. When I took the part out, it was clearly heat damaged. I found one at our nearby hardware store. Within an hour and a half, I had the furnace running again. Feeling like a real champion, I sat back in the HVAC comfort and treated myself to a nice bourbon. But, the good times didn’t last. 2 days later, the furnace performed an emergency shut down. By the time I got to the basement, the furnace was a smoking hulk. This time, I called the pros. They came out and gave me the bad news that the part I used failed which allowed the furnace to overheat and crack. Plus, by using the non OEM part and doing the work myself, I had voided the warranty. I went from hero to zero in a few minutes. Now I am faced with replacing an entire HVAC heating method on my own dime.

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