Remodeling and using a mobile bathroom

My hubby as well as I are renovating our bathroom.

All of us totally demolished the space to revamp it.

The bathroom needed all new stuff. I wanted actual tile rather than laminate. I wanted a bigger vanity set up as well as to move the toilet. I even wanted to add a deep soaking tub, more shower heads as well as plenty of storage for my wash clothes. The whole space is getting an upgrade. Like any remodeling, it is taking way more time as well as currency than I originally thought. It is becoming an awful project. What is nice is that the two of us didn’t want to go without a bathroom as well as shower for even a moment, but rather than do an outdoor shower as well as a porta potty, I sprung for a portable restroom solution. I contacted a shipping container contractor that does anything with those containers. The portable bathroom has a sink, hand dryer, level floor, shower as well as toilet. It is just like a real bathroom, however in a shipping container. It doesn’t look great on our land. It is a gray box sitting in the side yard. I am more than ecstatic with it though. I can use the bathroom as well as shower. This way when something like a plumbing part is on backorder, I am not losing my mind. I am willing to do the project correctly as well as wait a bit since I am not going separate from anything. I am not using up my own water or putting stress on my pipes as well. It is a great solution for anyone that is doing any major remodeling.

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