Removing the blinds was super costly after all

I have lived on the third floor of a home complex and my apartment faces the lot where the cars are parked. There is also a pond that has lots of ducks, turtles, as well as fish swimming around. The best area of the home is watching the sun set. There is a beautiful view from the family room nearly every day. That was easily the Highlight last evening after I had a very long day at work. I come home in the afternoon and raise the dated blinds so I can look at the sunset. I absolutely detest that the blind as well as did not like seeing them hanging in the when do. I spoke with the property owner to find out if I could remove them. He provided me with permission as well as sent a handyman to remove them. I decided to hang up curtain panels instead. It added a bit of Elegance to the apartment as well as allowed much more light to come into the room. I was young as well as oblivious that the blinds were serving many different purposes. I thought the blinds were there to guarantee privacy as well as allowing no one to peek into the window. A heating as well as air conditioning service professional had a conversation with me as well as explained that the blinds keep the heat outside during one more weeks. Since there were no blinds anymore, the consumption of energy was going to be higher when I used the heating as well as air conditioning system frequently.

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