Rental situation reminds me why I like to own my HVAC

It’s just so weird to be writing a check for rent again.

It’s been just over 30 years since I last did that. Of course, that rent check is nearly triple the rent checks I wrote back in the day. While the apartment is much nicer, it still came with the sort of heating and cooling equipment I remember from my 20’s. And that’s not a good thing. Bad HVAC was a big motivator for me to buy my own house back then. Of course, I wanted to be paying a mortgage so I was building equity as well. Yet, I couldn’t wait to get to a place where I could count on the HVAC unit. That was not the case then and it is not the case now. What’s worse is that I just left the best quality heating and air situation of my life when we sold our house. That was one of the upgrades to get the best price on our home. The realtor and other data pointed to the fact that the latest in residential HVAC was a big selling point for prospective buyers. So we had the HVAC company upgrade the heating and cooling equipment replete with all kinds of HVAC technology. And the realtor and my research was right, we sold the house for a ton of money and everyone loved the HVAC. Well now, we’re in this nice apartment for another 6 months and I’m about fit to be tied when it comes to the HVAC unit. It looks as though I’m going to have to pay out of my pocket to get an actual HVAC professionals out here to fix the situation properly.

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