Repairing the HVAC at the party

For me, there’s nothing quite like a great Halloween gathering! But without A/C it can be bad. We all live in the South, so even in the end of October it’s still pretty sizzling hot outside! Our friends claimed the Heating and A/C was working because a repair tech had tuned it up earlier, in addition to the HVAC device would be fixed and ready by the time the gathering started, however several hours passed, in addition to I got fully into costume and make up before leaving the house. When I got there, I walked into their home and was promptly greeted by a gust of hot air from the entrance! It was definitely at least eighty plus degrees inside their house, and I could feel sweat forming under my head. I knew the make up and costume wouldn’t last unless I found somewhere cool, but such a place was nowhere to be found! When I found our friends hosting the gathering, I asked what was up with the air conditioning. “We don’t know either – the guy came in addition to said it was working great!” Apparently not, fortunately, the repair serviceman was able to make his way back to the current home during the gathering in addition to get their central air conditioning unit back online. That’s great service, to be willing to come back after hours to make sure something was fixed in addition to stayed fixed! The Heating and A/C repair serviceman was awesome! I wish he’d come there sooner though – my makeup was practically ruined!