Replacing air filter and keeping up with typical maintenance helps your HVAC system

I don’t understand why people just can’t keep up with simple cleaning procedures and maintenance techniques.

  • Whether it be keeping up with plumbing issues or even your heating and cooling system there are simple things that can be done to prolong the life of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

I am a local heating and cooling technician and I’ve been inspecting and cleaning HVAC systems for the past 15 years. The most common issues that I see with heating and cooling systems is the lack of maintenance and simple cleaning procedures that homeowners do not perform. It’s simply the lack of not changing an air filter or having a heating and cooling technician come and inspect hvac systems to make sure they’re running efficiently. Another important aspect is even having a heating and cooling technician perform hvac ductwork cleaning every other year. HVAC ductwork cleaning eliminates viruses and bacteria growing in the ductwork and infecting the home. These simple maintenance and cleaning procedures really help and prolong the life of hvac systems. As a local heating and cooling technician I can’t stress the importance on how critical it is to do these simple maintenance techniques. It doesn’t even have to be every six months, just at least every year or so. You can really tell the difference between homes that are maintenanced every year and homes that are not. The homes that are not maintenanced a whole ton are always calling our office about issues with their system and when I look back at their file they never had any cleaning or maintenance checks done.

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