Replacing my Furnace Filter Then Off to the Beach

I’m sure you hear about me talking about the beach a lot.

I spend a lot of time there because it helps clear my mind and reset my mindset.

The sand is nice and warm, almost as if someone put heated floors underneath it, but it is just gently warmed by the radiative heating of the sun. Even in the winter time, if the sun is out and shining, it will heat the sand up so you can walk on it with bare feet. The sun feels like a big radiant heater when there is no wind and you can sit out on the beach and catch rays with no shirt on. I usually go for a bike ride in the middle of the day to see the ocean and maybe chit chat with a couple friends along the way. I bought a new portable space heater with a built-in smart thermostat so I don’t need to adjust it all of the time. It managed to keep my office and living room warm as I listened to my robot vacuum cleaner humming away while it cleans the sand off of my wooden floors. I really like that the vacuum has a HEPA filter because it picks up a lot of the dust that settles on the floor. I paid a few hundred dollars for that vacuum cleaner but it has saved me so much work that it was worth every penny. I run my central heat and air fan a lot to help clean the air, as it has its own HEPA filter too.

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