Replacing my old oil heater

We have lived in this loft for quite some time now and a lot of things need to be fixed. I know the loft was built in the 1976’s and a lot of the appliances are wearing out. Our dishwasher leaks quite often and we need to dry the water under it consistently. We also have an old washing machine that makes a loud noise when it’s running. These machines are just like people and they get old and worn out over time from being used each week. I know I need to dig deep and buy some new ones. We have an old oil furnace that has an oil tank outside of the loft and we need to fill it weekly. I believe it may be time to invest in a new air conditioner and gas furnace or possibly just buy a new fireplace. The problem with a fireplace is that there are no trees in our area so I would need to go to the store to buy wood which can be quite overpriced. I was thinking of replacing the ductwork and seeing if that helps with the heater. Maybe there are some leaks in the vents and if I tape them up it will run better. I’m not a cooling system expert and know absolutely little about repairing heating systems however I may give it a shot to save some money. My buddy said he would come over and help myself and others service things however I haven’t seen him yet. He is an HVAC expert so it would be good if he did come by.


cooling expert