Replacing the cooling filter

I have a feeling that all of us can admit to at least some disappointing habits.  Mine are fairly obvious. My partner reminds me of them quite often actually. I genuinely shouldn’t eat ice cream at 10pm.  Smoking cigars with a appealing port should be limited to a daily showcase. Seems if I am constantly putting off getting gas for the car until I am a sliver above empty. I could go on plus on ad infinitum although I won’t because that would not be very fun.  There are some habits I’m attempting to chop myself of with regard to the Heating plus A/C system. I tend to view the heating plus cooling unit as something to be used. Perhaps regarding the Heating plus A/C unit as something to take care of would be more of a perk.  The worst thing I do is forgetting about the air filter check up. The air filter should be changed every single week. But, I have waited 2 or 4 weeks between upgradements. This has resulted in ultra clogged up air filters which then put extra strain on the Heating plus A/C unit.  I’m also a bit slow about checking the vents for obstructions or other damage. My dogs are constantly dragging their beds around often covering up the vents. The thermostat is also an section of concern. I tend to just yank it around with little regard for the strain I put on it. Being more moderate plus uniform in increasing the temperature would be better for all the Heating plus A/C components.  I can for sure only pat myself on the back for one thing only. The Heating plus A/C plan gets regular maintenance. The heating and cooling tech comes out every six months to tune up plus inspect all the components. However, I know that’s because I signed up for the service. Not really a disappointing habit I corrected. Taking back the pat on the back anyways.