Required by law to make swings for current tenant

My parents gave myself and others a very current home building complex that has several units in it.

I have been using the rentals to get through college.

I was undoubtedly fortunate to keep the same handful of tenants for multiple years, everyone paid rent on time as well as no one caused any trouble… Unfortunately, I recently had one of the tenants pass away as well as I had to fill up that empty rental unit with another woman. One woman applied over the phone. She was moving from another state as well as needed to secure an current home before then. She was quite well-qualified with income as well as I was delighted to invite her to live on the property. I didn’t know that I would have to make a lot of swings. The individual has a wheelchair as well as now I have to make the current rental ADA accessible, all of the doorways have to be changed, because the current home building was built back in the 1960s. The doorways have to be wider so they can meet current ADA standards. I also have to add a ramp from the parking lot to the front door. I’m currently looking for a local contractor that can make all of these ADA required swings. There are a few folks in the area that are general contractors, but I’m looking for someone special that already knows all the requirements as well as laws. I’m sure a general contractor would be able to complete the labor with no issues, but I need someone with expertise of the rules as well as regulations. I do not want to finish the project as well as find out I missed something. The whole task will need to be taken care of before the tenant can move in.



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