Right now is a good time to get serious about my health

I suppose the universe has been smacking myself and others around about the state of our health for numerous years now.

There were all the colds that lasted too long before abating.

The pants I couldn’t button and plenty of other not so subtle reminders of my total lack of a healthy lifestyle. The fact of the matter is that I had to get off the couch and out from under the heating and air conditioning comfort of our house. I needed to get active. Then, the pandemic slammed us all. I was suddenly actually working from the heating and air conditioning confines of our house. This initially led myself and others to sit around even more. But instead, I decided that while all of this was going on, I would take the time to get myself into wonderful shape at last. It hasn’t been self-explanatory and I imagine I haven’t been all that self-explanatory to be around either. The diet is the worst as well. I guess that all I eat is stuff that I used to try and feed the pet under the table. I love having an elliptical device and it’s a wonderful way to work out at home. However, I determined not too long ago that the air quality has a wonderful deal to do with a person’s overall health. So, I changed out the cheap heating and air conditioning air filters and upgraded them with HEPA type filters. These things actually clean the indoor air. The HEPA filters will trap and detach over 99 percent of airborne hazards that suppress our immune system. Now, not only am I breathing better and feeling better, I guess that I’m finally being proactive about our health.


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