Risks of not preparing your HVAC unit for a new season

You rely on your HVAC unit to keep you comfortable throughout the year and in different seasons.

While you could enjoy your cooling or heating system for a long time without regular upkeep, eventually, your system can break down unexpectedly due to mechanical or electrical issues.

Failure to prepare your HVAC unit for a new season may warrant increased utility bills. Without regular maintenance, especially at the start of a new season, you risk running an inefficient system that will overwork to meet your heating and cooling needs, consuming more energy and, in turn, increasing your utility bills. Preparing your HVAC unit will ensure every component is in top-notch working condition to improve your unit’s efficiency and performance. You risk having low-quality indoor air. Since an HVAC system not only keeps your home comfortable throughout the year, it traps and eliminates odors and contaminants that lower your indoor air quality and increase the likelihood of allergies as well as other health issues. Due to lack of preparedness, an ineffective HVAC system will be unable to play its role effectively. You risk having frequent breakdowns of the HVAC system. Since all the components of your HVAC system work collectively to achieve your heating and cooling needs, if one component malfunctions, the undue strain will be placed on your entire system parts, causing them to wear and tear prematurely. As a result, your system will require frequent repairs and, in worst-case scenarios, replacement. Preparing for a new season will ensure that all your moving parts are in optimal conditions.

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