Road trip rules include specific HVAC needs

Try flying a family of six on a vacation.

I did it a few times and the cost of the flights to and from were almost more than the vacation.

We don’t really fly for vacation any more. Instead, we road trip. My family actually likes each other and we like to get out of the air conditioning of home for these road trips. Instead of the traditional 2 week vacation, we split it up into smaller trips but do it more frequently. The vehicle we have has zone controlled HVAC which really helps. This way everyone can dial in the heating and cooling they need in their part of the car. It’s not the perfect air conditioning but it sure beat everyone arguing over the thermostat setting. We have a rule that if our destination is more than an 8 hour drive, we stay somewhere along the way. And that brings me to another road trip rule we stick to. When we are traveling and need to stop along the road, there is a specific sort of accommodations that we look for. And it’s all about heating and cooling comfort. We look for hotels that have the wall unit HVAC equipment. You can see them from the parking lot. And if we can’t see that specific sort of HVAC equipment, we move on. That’s because those type of HVAC units really provide reliable heating and cooling without fail. There is nothing worse than coming off a long day on the road to sweat all night because the HVAC cooling stinks. So we simply stick to the rules of the road when it comes to our HVAC accommodations.

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