Roof damaged right when we bought the house

The moment my wife and I bought our house, a hurricane warning happened.

The new house happened to be in an area that would get hit.

The two of us decided to stay at our rental until the hurricane passed through. It was a good call on our part since the wind in that part of town was rough and lots of tree branches were flying everywhere. However, one of the trees on my new property fell down and of course landed right on the house. Most of the house was saved from the damage. The main thing that got hit was the roof though. The overhang portion of the roof on the front porch got totally demolished. It hurt my finances really bad dealing with this issue. I had just laid down the big bucks to get a house. Within two weeks I had to call a tree removal business and a roofing repair business. The tree removal wasn’t too much money and the men moved quickly. The roofing repair of course was quite a bit due to the severe damage. I tried to get my insurance to cover some of the costs. The issue is that my insurance would cover the entire roof repair if the hurricane warning was at a higher threat level. Since it was just higher winds and the tree was old, the whole roof repair came out of my pocket. It really hurt shelling out the dough to get a new roof added on. Now though I think my wife and I will be happy knowing we have a new roof put on our house.

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