Rooftop system is ideal for new restaurant

It took me a long time to find the right location to set up my business. I was planning to open a boutique restaurant with an upscale vibe. I needed a style of building that would suit my vision while also providing convenient access and plenty of parking. Plus, the price had to accommodate my budget. When I finally came across the ideal property for sale, the place required a great deal of renovation. It had been left vacant for over ten years. The roof was leaking and most of the windows were broken. All of the plumbing pipes and electrical wiring needed to be updated for the sake of safety and to meet code. The HVAC unit was situated beside the building and took up a great deal of space in the parking lot. It was an eyesore and had been vandalized. There was no way it could be salvaged, and I was happy to be rid of it. The HVAC professional I dealt with suggested that I invest in a rooftop unit. Because I was already replacing the roof, I made sure to reinforce it to support the weight of the temperature control equipment. With the unit installed on the roof, it is completely out of the way and out of sight. The rooftop unit provides both heating and cooling capacity and operates quietly and efficiently. When it needs repair or maintenance, the technician has easy access without disrupting my business. The heating and cooling system is also safe from vandalism. Although the equipment is quite compact, it is powerful enough to maintain a comfortable temperature all year round.

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