Running the apartment building is less stressful after upgrading the HVAC systems

I thought it would be easy to own an apartment building, but it has been pretty challenging.

  • On top of keeping everything inspected and up to code, I have to deal with all the complaints coming from the residents.

One of the major upgrades I had to make to the building was the HVAC systems. I decided to hook up ductless mini splits in all the apartments. I thought this was the best choice because everybody would have perfect HVAC zone control and the ductless mini split units have built in air purification. The old HVAC systems in the building were struggling really bad and I had to have these things fixed regularly. Now with these ductless mini splits, they are so easy to maintain that the handyman is able to do most of the work. I don’t have to call the HVAC company as much, only for yearly regular HVAC tune-ups. Also ever since the ductless mini splits were hooked up, I have been hearing nothing but compliments. People are happy because their energy bills are much lower, and they feel way more comfortable in their homes. They appreciate having improved air quality and they appreciate that their HVAC systems never have any troubles. I know that as long as we take good care of the new HVAC systems in the apartment building, they should last a very long time without having too much trouble. I have to say that those HVAC units were the perfect investment, and now things are way less stressful with running this apartment building.



Mini split air conditioner