Sami was so stoked that the A/C company also did electrical & plumbing work

Sami was finally a real empty nester.

She had taken her lastborn to university a few months back & had all the time in the world. Sami had always dreamt of how it would be when she wasn’t running after kids all day. Sami thought when they were teenagers they’d be more independent. But then they treated her as a chauffeur & so many other things. So, as much as Sami liked her kids, she was stoked to be on her own & ready for an adventure. Part of the plans she had was turning her remote home into a rental property. She lived in a space with the most amazing views & Sami knew this was a good company opportunity. Two months ago, she started renovating a seasoned chalet in her farm that required modern roofing, electrical work, plumbing & Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system. The old chalet was going to be a small holiday let where guests could stay for a minimum of many afternoons. Sami had been dealing with a local A/C company for some time. But an associate told her of another A/C company in the next town that had way more services to offer. Apart from doing Heating, Ventilation, & A/C work, the A/C company also did plumbing & electrical tasks which is what she needed. Sami was glad to give them a call & find out the best estimate for all the tasks to be done in her chalet. Instead of sending an email with all the details, the A/C company sent over a professional to discuss the pricing. Sami wanted the full A/C upgrade, piping & electrical task all essential for the best guest experience.



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