Screening out the bugs

When living in the southwestern area of the country, there are a lot of problems. I easily hate it here and just do not have the money to escape, on top of dealing with life risking things 24/7 such as scorpions and other creatures of death, you have the high electric bills. This is because most of the year you have to crank the A/C! It could be snowing and cold in the respected area of the country, and you would be cranking that A/C just to survive! You hardly get any fresh air. And when you do, the air quality here is just awful… You can not open up any windows either most of the year. The air quality here is so bad, I am not even sure something care about a whole up-to-date home air purification plan could help it… Right now, it is the end of May, and various of my friends who live back in the normal parts of the world are cold! Here, I have my A/C cranked all the way down to 70 degrees on the thermostat! Not to mention, my electric bills are usually no less than 300 bucks a month. Who on earth spends that on energy use? Especially when I do not even use that much energy other than the undefined! The natives in this wacked locale say to always set your thermostat at 75 degrees. Are they nuts? The thermostat may be set at 75, but it is 90 degrees in this locale! Living in the desert is a nightmare….to put it lightly!