Security system for a motorcycle shop

My friend Bobby plus I have a motorcycle repair shop. Bobby and I do not have a sizable selection of motorcycles, but we usually have a few bikes for sale. Bobby and I also have a few employees that work here. There is a bay garage that includes a small office. I use one of the bays as our sales area, plus the other one for repairs. The motorcycle repair shop started off small, but things have picked up in the past 8 months. My friend Bobby plus I had to hire another person to help us in the office. The crew of us were trying to keep up with sales, bookkeeping, plus repairs, but it was a lot of work. Six weeks back, someone broke the bay area window plus stole a bike. My friend Bobby was entirely freaked out plus decided to hire a security system replacement team, Bobby did not spend any time looking for the best security system replacement team. I suppose he opened up Google plus clicked on the first result. When the security system replacement team came around, they were rude, obnoxious, plus completely frustrating. I knew my friend Bobby wanted to install a security system immediately, however I did not want to give those clowns a dollar of my hard earned money. I sent them away plus spent the next day looking for the best security system replacement team in our area. I found a small mom-and-pop shop in company for 35 years. They came the next day plus installed video cameras, motion detectors, plus flood lights.

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