Seemed appreciate the a/c was our awful luck, so I went with the uncomfortable spots

I don’t know what it was, however it seemed appreciate the a/c at the casino absolutely offered me awful fortune somehow.

I sat at this slot unit that had the most comfortable a/c.

I was hoping that I would hit it big, however I won hardly anything at all. I absolutely ended up losing a great amount of money plus I was disappointed. Then I sat at a random slot unit plus I started winning big! With all the winnings I got from the slot machine, I decided to try our hand at some blackjack. I first sat at a random table plus I started winning even more money. I was on a roll! Then a single of our friends said I had to come over to their table where the a/c was entirely nice. So I went over there plus the a/c was entirely cranking. I lost our winning streak at this table though plus I was starting to become aggravated. The air conditioner felt nice enough, however it seemed that no matter where I sat where it felt comfortable, that’s when I started to lose money. I went back to the other casino table plus I started winning again! I played at that table for quite some time plus I couldn’t know all the money I was pulling in. I was even asked if I wanted the temperature control settings to be adjusted. They said they have Heating, Ventilation plus A/C zone control so all the weird zones can have customized comfort. I thought that was cool, however I didn’t want to ruin our luck, so I kept at it with the same lousy temperature control settings!

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