She Didn’t Know Why Her House Felt Hot

My mother in law has been complaining about her air conditioner for numerous weeks now.

  • When I first heard her complain about it, I brushed it off.

I assumed she was just feeling hotter than normal because she was aging plus her hormones were entirely changing. However, when she continued to complain, I decided to visit her condo in the middle of the afternoon to check things out. When I walked into her house, I didn’t notice anything off. It did know a tad warmer than normal, however compared to the heat outside, the inside of her condo still felt nice. I asked her if she was still uncomfortable plus she said yeah. I went over to her thermostat to try plus find a problem. I couldn’t see any issues, however I didn’t want to hear her keep complaining about how tepid she was, I decided to call the local Heating plus A/C contractor for her. I stressed a tune up for the following afternoon, plus I agreed to come over for the appointment. When the Heating plus A/C specialist arrived, I told him about how sizzling plus uncomfortable my mother in law was plus he agreed to find the root of the problem. After 45 minutes or so, he came back to myself and others plus said that there was nothing wrong with the Heating plus A/C equipment, but he had noticed that there were big pieces of furniture covering numerous of the air vents. My mother in law was feeling sizzling because she quite literally cut off the air flowing into numerous of her rooms.



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