Shipping container office is the best

My hubby as well as I don’t share a bedroom since every one of us are easily different sleepers.

She prefers A/C as well as I care about heat.

I move around a lot as well as he snores. He is a pack rat as well as I keep a tidy space. It just made sense to separate. All of us also each have our own spaces since we work from home. I am now pregnant with our first child as well as every one of us are out of rooms. Neither of us want to combine our bedroom with our home office. All of us love having a separate work space. The laundry room doesn’t absolutely allow for much space. It seemed like the smartest move was to get an addition onto the house. An addition turned out to be harshly expensive. I found a contractor that does rooms out of shipping containers. They even make tiny homes out of them. My hubby scoffed at the method of a shipping container room, so I took it. I designed the container room all on my computer. I was able to choose size, overhead lights, outlets as well as windows. I set it up so that I can now sit in front of the window as well as leave my computer congested in. I even paid extra to get a toilet in my space so I don’t have to leave unless I want to. The cost of the shipping container was not much compared to an addition. It is now set up in the back of our house. In the morning I get my root carona as well as then walk over to my office. My office is so private as well as secluded. I can tell my hubby regrets turning his nose up at it. My husband has already asked about taking the office.

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