Should I become an HVAC technician

I am really struggling to decide if I should become an HVAC technician.

Right now, I have no job.

I used to have a really nice job, but since this recession has hit our country, the company that I was working for had to close its doors. The recession was caused by a global pandemic, and most businesses are closed, so it is becoming very difficult to find a job. I could collect unemployment, but that is not what I want to do. However, I recently found out that the HVAC company is hiring. I decided to call the owner of the HVAC company to see what I would be doing. Apparently, a lot of people have been applying for the job with the HVAC company, but all of them are looking for temporary positions. The HVAC company is hoping to find some young people that want to become HVAC technicians. Currently, they can’t begin paying for the training of the HVAC technicians since all of the local colleges are closed, but they can let them do basic HVAC repairs. If young people enjoy working for the HVAC company and if the owner is pleased with the younger people, then the HVAC company will begin training as soon as they can. I have never considered being an HVAC technician, but I am strongly considering it now. Being an HVAC technician is drastically different from my original plan, but I need a job, and I could totally see myself being an HVAC technician. All that I have to do is call the owner of the HVAC company back if I want the job.

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