Shuffling the furniture

Living in the Northeastern part of the country means that we experience a particularly short summer, so most folks don’t even bother having a pool. But it’s a significant difference from growing up in a suburb in the south, where almost everybody had a pool. I do believe that people up north would be more open to the idea of having a pool if they understood that you could actually use your pool for much more of the year with a hydronic gas furnace. You see, hydronic heating works by heating water and then moving it via pipes along a surface. Unlike more traditional heating methods, which simply push warm air into a space in order to heat it, hydronic heating heats a surface without using any vents or ductwork at all. This type of heating can be used inside and outside as well. Yet what most people don’t know about heated pools and heated homes is that you can use the same concept in both locales. Honestly, hydronic heating is more popularly known today as one of several types of radiant floors. Also known as a radiant heater, radiant floors are a far more efficient way to heat your home. Instead of shuffling furniture around heating vents and dealing with freezing spots, radiant floors will heat your house up quite evenly so you’ll never be cold. This very same heating concept is applied to a pool, meaning you can use your pool earlier in the year and then keep it open later every year as well. If you really hate shovelling, then hydronic heating can also be used to create a heated driveway and melt away any snow and ice. With so many different benefits, it’s not surprising to me that radiant gas furnaces with hydronic heating are one of the most efficient forms of HVAC systems currently.