Single Air Vent Is Mighty

Sometimes, the only way I can see my family is if I drive three hours north to visit them in their home.

I moved to a completely new area after graduating college in order to take a new job, so it makes sense that I spend more time visiting my family than my family visiting me.

Most of my family still lives in this area, so I enjoy coming up to see everyone when I have the time to do it. Three hours isn’t a long drive, but I still hesitate to come visit whenever I get the chance. It’s not that I don’t enjoy seeing everyone, because I do. Unfortunately, the only place I can stay when I’m in town is at my parent’s house and while that’s fine, their guest bedroom is a nightmare. There is one air vent situated on the floor beside the bed, and it is powerful. When the heat is running, the guest bedroom overheats and the only way to cool the space is by opening a window. The overhead fan works, but it only pushes the hot air around. When the furnace is running and I’m staying in the guest bedroom, it feels like I’m suffocating in a furnace. I wish I could say that it was more comfortable during the summer months, but it’s not. When the AC is running, the guest bedroom turns into an icebox. No matter how many blankets I pile on top of the bed, that guest bedroom feels like I’m sleeping in an igloo. It’s shocking how extreme the temperatures get in that guest bedroom when there is a single air vent.
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