Sink in good shape

My husband and I are remodeling our kitchen.

It was an 80s kitchen that needed some love.

I have already bought everything. I am getting real wood cabinets and quartz countertops. I am getting brand new appliances, a garbage disposal, touchless faucet and tile floors. I really sprung for a good sink. My old sink was a stainless steel piece of garbage. It always looks dirty and hideous. I googled online for the best sink material. I landed on a fireclay sink since farmhouse sinks are typically of that material. I love the look of a farmhouse. They just look bigger and neater. I also wanted one big basin rather than a split as well. I did read online that the installation of a farmhouse sink is tough. What the sink is made out of is fireclay and it is really heavy. Once the sink is installed it is a tank and won’t crack or break. However, it is easy to break the sink in half during installation. I read horror stories of people doing it themselves and smashing their sink. I also read people complaining about the cabinet makers installing the sink and handling it too roughly and causing a crack. I debated and decided that I trusted my local plumber more than the cabinet makers. I have a report with him and have used him for gas line repair and tankless water heater services. I called him up and he seemed confident in installing my fireclay sink. I hope he doesn’t crack it because it is non refundable.