Sister doesn’t have the dedication to be a personal trainer

For quite a few years, my younger little sister believed she was going to be a professional athlete.

  • Unfortunately, she just didn’t have the proper body type, enough training and the work ethic to manage this aspiration.

Instead, my sister ended up attending a school for exercise science. She then decided she could become a fitness expert for a big time facility or even a professional sports team. She was rather discouraged when that didn’t work out either. Now my sister is employed at a gym and working as a personal trainer there. The issue is that my sister is convinced she can walk through the door of a high end facility such as a core progression and just get a job. In the personal training industry, a person needs to prove themselves over years of dedication. My sister needs to start at the bottom of a lower end gym. She has to build a loyal customer base and prove her abilities. She has to demonstrate that she has experience and skills before a core progression will even consider hiring her. It will require a lot of steps to earn a decent paycheck. Once she gets a good job, my sister could eventually go into private training and hold her own personal training sessions. She could work out of her house. Right now, my sister doesn’t have the dedication to do all of this work. She is even procrastinating over becoming AED and CPR certified. I read online that certified fitness experts are required to have these qualifications before they are even hired. What is my sister going to do for a living? She needs to put in some serious work.

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