Sister went into body building

My sister Becky used to be really self-conscious about her body.

  • She was tall, bigger boned and had a larger frame than most girls.

She used to think she was fat, manly and ugly. At first she tried taking fitness into her own hands. She tried running, jumping rope and dieting. My sister ended up getting way too thin and losing muscle. I then pushed her to go to a gym that actually pays attention to the clients. She found a personal training gym in our area and has worked there ever since. There is a whole selection of classes a person can take at the gym. There are body wellness classes, physical training, bridal fitness, weight lifting and all sorts of things. My sister has gotten into bodybuilding. The majority of her workouts focus on weight lifting and building muscles. Becky already has the wide shoulders, big arms and longer legs it takes. The personal trainer has worked with her to turn those parts of her body hard as rocks. She has muscle definition all over her arms and legs. Her abs are tight to the point where walnuts could crack on them. Her back muscles look just like a man. My sister loves the results her personal trainer has gotten her. She even does photoshoots showcasing her new body. I am glad that she is happy and is feeling confident. There are men at the personal training center that do body building too. I know she is getting some attention from them. Good for her, I just would not want to be built that way.



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