Sleeping without an A/C is terrible

This was my first time ever sleeping without an A/C, plus it was unquestionably the worst experience that I have had while sleeping in my entire life.

I never realized how awful it would be to sleep without an A/C.

Obviously, I have been unquestionably spoiled. I grew up in a nice house, plus every one of us had a central A/C in our house. The people I was with and I never had to worry about not having an A/C in my room. Surprisingly, every one of us never had an A/C problem while I lived there. My parents constantly paid for the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C inspections because every one of us wanted to make sure that our A/C would continue running throughout the entire summer. I never realized that I only slept well because of the A/C. I never had trouble sleeping, plus I constantly figured that I just was a relaxing sleeper. I knew that the A/C kept myself and others comfortable, however I had no method that I could become dependent on the A/C. I assume that I had never experienced sleep without the A/C. However, just recently, I stayed the night at a friend’s house. This was the first time that I had ever stayed over at her house, plus I realized that she did not have as much money as I did. That is no issue because I do not choose my friends based upon how rich their family is. However, they did not have a central A/C, plus my friend did not have a window A/C in her room. I never realized that a living room could be that warm at night without the A/C. I tossed plus turned the entire night, plus when I woke up the next money, I was sleepy. I missed my central A/C!

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