Slow however good

I recently had a major split down of my central heating & cooling system unit.

  • It was a real bummer the time that it happened because the two of us had just entered into the largest heatwave that this town has even seen in the last 30 years! I made a call to the local heating & cooling system company to come out to repair the central Heating & A/C unit.

I even paid a few extra bucks to have them come immediately. They arrived within about 3 hours of myself and others calling them, which was good. However, the certified heating & cooling specialist they sent out to do the work was undoubtedly slow in doing the repair! He was able to figure out where the issue was immediately. But he was moving as slow as a turtle! I was so ecstatic that this heating & cooling system company did not charge by the hour & just charged for the work at hand as a whole. This certified heating & cooling system specialist was working on my central Heating & A/C plan for over 4 hours! It was certainly getting discouraging to me! However, in the end, he did a certainly good job in fixing the central heating & cooling system unit. It easily was working better than it had been in years in terms of the air flow & the power of the cooling system itself! So I could not complain too much. I thanked the Heating & A/C specialist & was enjoying my quality cooling system plan in its full glory! All was well.

Cooling technician