Slow to hop on tech changes

I honestly admire plus respect all the technological advances I have witnessed in my lifetime, even though I have never had much of a personal stake in them.

My need for technology is matched by my intimidation of it.

So, I sort of watch from the sidelines a lot when it comes to the latest tech trends. I first remember entirely working with a PC in college. Back then, we still were used to floppy disks plus binary code. Now, I have tech in my pocket, in my office, in my automobile plus in my home. It’s just about everywhere. Just recently, my partner added some more tech with a smart HVAC thermostat. Like most tech trends, I was slow to get on board. Many of my friends simply raved about the ease plus savings that came with the smart thermostat. But to me, the smart thermostat just seemed like an added expense. However, with some prodding from my partner, I called the HVAC people to come out plus install the new smart thermostat I had bought online. The HVAC tech was great. The replacement went flawlessly plus he stuck around to show my partner and I all the features of the smart thermostat. I was amazed by all the odd operations it could perform. However, the HVAC tech recommended that I start with easy guidelines in order for the smart thermostat to learn our patterns plus behaviors. While it’s a little strange to think about a machine learning our behavior, I did exactly as the HVAC tech recommended. Within weeks, I was amazed that I never had to do anything with the thermostat. It was doing it all by itself. Now all I do is sit back plus collect the utility savings.


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