Smart control component reveals energy waste

She was also leaving the furnace blasting while the lake house was empty during the day.

I frequently travel for our task. I am occasionally away from lake lake house for a full week. I realized that whenever I was gone for business, the weekly utility bills were much more high-priced. I asked our roommate Stacy about this, and she swore that she rarely touched the control component while I was gone. She said that she was consistently very conscientious about making adjustments to conserve energy when she left for toil in the afternoons or went to bed at home. She insisted that she kept moderate temperature settings when she was at home. In an attempt to improve the management of the heating & cooling system, I invested in a smart control unit. This unique model includes a user-friendly app that allows access from virtually anywhere, from our smartphone or iPad, I can check on operation, get information & make variations to programs. I showed Stacy how to navigate the menu & controls on the new control unit, even though I didn’t tell her about the energy tracking feature or that I’d get notified of any variations she made. While I was traveling for work, the smart control component let me assume that Stacy was messing with the correct program. I had proof that she was significantly raising the control component setting the moment I pulled out of the driveway. She was also leaving the furnace blasting while the lake house was empty during the day. She didn’t even bother to turn the temperature down when she went to bed at night; Not only was she costing us a fortune on our utility bills, although she was putting unnecessary strain on the oil furnace. When I returned home, I showed Stacy the proof on our cellphone. She’s no longer allowed to touch the control unit.



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