Smart control units help with management of 2 homes

A little over numerous years ago, my husband plus I both retired from our jobs.

We’d spend enough winters up north, battling temperature down to twenty numerous below zero.

The two of us were exhausted of being trapped in the house for 8 months straight, reliant on the furnace plus draining our budget due to enormous heating bills. We’d had enough of shoveling plus plowing snow, scraping ice plus bundling up in wool coats, heavy boots plus gloves. The two of us bought a small lake house down south where all of us now spend our winters. The two of us normally remain up north from Easter until just after Thanksgiving, our hope is to avoid the snow plus cold plus appreciate the most advantageous weather in each location… However, we’ve l acquired that keeping up with the responsibilities of 2 residences can be difficult. If there should be a power failure or a furnace malfunction while I was in the middle of the winter, all of us could face frozen water pipes plus a lot of injure in our northern home. The high winds, heat plus moisture down south could result in injure plus mold plus mildew growth. In order to make sure the temperature in each lake house is respectfully inspected, all of us invested in smart control units for each property! Now it doesn’t matter where we’re at because all of us always have access to temperature adjustments plus helpful information. The two of us can check on the temperature plus humidity levels plus make changes to programs plus settings. The two of us get alerts if there’s a power failure, temperature swing or any problem with the heating or cooling systems. The two of us also get notified when it’s time to schedule preventative service or change air filters.
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