Smart thermostat can be controlled from smartphone from anywhere

With the introduction of smart devices, home and business owners now have the opportunity to control many aspects of daily life through the internet.

Most of these advances have been for the better.

Wireless technology gives people who are disabled the ability to more easily manage the operation of their homes. My mother is greatly benefits from these technological innovations. My mother has been disabled for the last several years. She is often restricted to home. She has a wifi thermostat installed. The ability to control the Heating and A/C systems through the wireless internet on her smartphone is invaluable. The main benefit is that my mom can adjust the temperature in her home without manually adjusting the thermostat. She simply opens the app on her iPhone. She can determine an exact temperature for each room. Because of zone control she avoids heating or cooling empty rooms. She can cater to personal preference and answer the requirement of the space. For someone who is sometimes bedridden and struggles to get up, the ability to control the temperature through her phone is a huge benefit. Another advantage is being able to set up programs and times for the air conditioner or heat to kick on and off. The thermostat allows control over temperature even when you are out of town. The smart thermostat is wirelessly linked to the air conditioner, furnace and even air quality accessories. Who wouldn’t want the luxury of being able to operate the HVAC system through their iPhone?

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