Smart thermostat spoiling me

I live in a home with a bunch of very spoiled people.  We are a typical modern family. We spend most of our days, in our own rooms, glued to the telephone and watching our favorite videos, listening to music, or playing games.  Because of all the time in our separate rooms, we all have our own special needs for the temperatures. We don’t like it when the Zone Control doesn’t seem to be working properly and we try to adjust the thermostat.  Before we had Zone Control, we were never comfortable. I guess that was the reason for the family room. You had either a fireplace, or a stove in the room, where you could stay warm and cozy and you all gathered as a family.  Lately, we discovered the Smart Thermostat. Not only do we have Zone Control where we are all comfortable, but I have total control over the thermostat. I have everything hooked into my phone, and if one of my teenagers walks out and doesn’t turn the thermostat down in the winter or up in the summer, I can do it with my phone.  I am able to constantly monitor the energy use in our home, and I can pinpoint where I might be losing heating or cooling. I was surprised when I called the HVAC company and asked about the Smart Thermostat. It costs me less than the price of a new phone for one of the kids. I am not only able to monitor the separate rooms from anywhere in the world that there is WiFi, but I can also set up my thermostat in the main room, to give me the current and future weather reports.  

HVAC workman