Smoking cigarettes indoors is damaging on HVAC systems

I know love a up-to-date guy after quitting cigarettes last year. I got addicted at 18 when I went away to college and started smoking with friends at parties on the weekends. I told myself that I would never get addicted and that I could quit whenever I wanted. It didn’t take long for this practice to morph into a weekly habit. Eventually I was smoking close to a whole pack each day and the costs of the substantial expense started to catch up with me. I wish it did not take so long for myself and others to realize that it was my livelihood at risk each time I took a puff, but eventually I did and I suffered through weeks and weeks of cravings before I kicked the habit for good. People who smoke often forget what kind of disfigure the habit has on their health, let alone their home. Sure you might realize that your slowly greening unquestionably white walls are due to your nicotine consumption, but you might not realize what it’s doing to your home’s heating and cooling system. That nicotine accumulates on the inside of your HVAC duct, as well as the inside of your air handler. The build up in your ventilation is bad enough for air quality, but that same grime can genuinely destroy your evaporator coil if you expose it to enough for long periods of time. That means that your air conditioner will not live as long as one in a smoke-free home. And that is one substantial additional expense that few smokers think about, even if they’re anxious about the cost of buying the cigarettes themselves.

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