Snowball fights back in the day

When I was a kid I used to always like to have snowball fights with our pals when the people I was with and I would get tons of snow, it was absolutely fun & sometimes it even hurt a little if you got wacked in the face with a snowball! But that was the whole fun of it all really; No a single ever got seriously hurt & all in all it was a absolutely fantastic time, then however I will tell you this…if it wasn’t for all the people in our village back then having fantastic heating in their homes, the people I was with and I may have all got seriously sick! Our parents always made sure the people I was with and I had the certainly best in central heating device at the time.

Because where I grew up was so chilly that time of the year, the people I was with and I needed to always be sure that our central gas oil furnaces were fully working all of the time; The heating that all the people had was sometimes created by a sizzling water boiler for a while.

But some of us did get the familiar central heating & a/c plan units as time went on & as HVAC technology advanced. I sure miss having snowball fights like that… And really I kind of miss the snow, but where I live today the people I was with and I don’t get much snow. It’s a rather warm weather conditions most of the entire year. I do have a top quality central heating & a/c plan though. Because without that central heating & a/c plan myself and others & our family would get sick! The a/c is just as vital as the heating was after a fantastic snowball argument back in the fantastic aged days.


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